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Warranty Registration for Compucon Systems
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    This form is for the registration of Compucon system ownership details for the purpose of warranty service. This form includes customer satisfaction information that would help Compucon NZ in improving the product and service to serve your needs better. In complying with the law of New Zealand including the Privacy Act, Compucon will only use the information that you supply herewith for the purpose of communicating product and service information to you. The information will not be passed onto any third party. You will also be reminded to unsubscribe any information that you would not like to receive.

    Please fill out the form below as soon as you receive the computer, the sooner the better while later is also better than never. On receipt of this form, Compucon will check the validity of data entered and put the valid entries into a pool for a lucky draw. The registration will initiate the supply of relevant and support information to you.

    First time or amendment
    to a previous entry? *
    Let us know if this is the first time you have registered this Compucon system. Otherwise is this an amendment to information you have already submitted before?

    Compucon System Serial Number * This can be found on the back or side of your PC. An example serial number is 'NZ-B2-45920'

    Company Name Please enter the name of the company who owns the Compucon system.

    My IT Service Provider: Please let us know if there is a Compucon reseller looking after your IT infrastructure

    Type of Business Please select your industry code.

    Contact Name *

    Phone Number * Please enter a phone number so that we are able to contact you if and only when necessary.

    Email Address *

    I agree to receive Compucon newsletter emails

    Postal Address Please enter a postal address to contact you.

    Delivery Address Please enter the physical location of where the computer is installed.

    Satisfaction Comment Are you satisfied with the quality of the product and service? If not, please give us some detail. We will personally attend to your comments.