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Compucon Behaviours



Compucon New Zealand completed 32 years of operation on 1 May 2024. 

We have learned how to practise as a responsible corporate citizen of the global village and of New Zealand in particular.  It is hard to say if our behaviours are the most responsible but we keep trying to do better all the time.  We created this page in February 2012 to record our learning and to attempt to reach a wider audience than our channel peers. Most if not all the materials have been presented in continuing professional development (CPD) seminars. 
May 2015 2015-05 High Performance Computing
January 2015 2015-01 Quality is a Habit- Auditor said
July 2014 2014-07 Compucon Team Beliefs & Behaviours
December 2013 2013-12 To Whom It May Concern
August 2013 2013 What is System Engineering?
July 2013 2013 Computing Technology Seascape 80/20
June 2013 2013-06 Compucon Direction Snapshot : Register to read more.
February 2013 3 Steps of Digitization, 2013
January 2013 Stock Analysts on PC Industry in 2013
December 2012 A View of 2 Oceans of Digital IT, 2012-12
July 2012 Compucon DMA20 General Knowledge
June 2012 Compucon DMA20 Development Scheme
March 2012 Does Selling Suck? (2012-03)
March 2012 Compucon II Resolutions (2012-03)
February 2012 Spokes of Life