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Tandberg Data Backup Technologies


Tandberg Data is a world class backup storage technology leader based in Ntandberg.giforway with a global distribution network including the Asia Pacific region.  It has been a key player in backup technologies with SLR (Scalable Linear Recording) in the past and LTO (Linear Tape Open), a widely employed and current technology.  As its technologies are more applicable for corporate organizations rather than the SOHO market, Tandberg has identified and subsequently appointed Compucon as its natural partner for applying and supporting Tandberg technologies in New Zealand.

Tandberg Data released a removable HDD based back up system called RDX for individual servers and workstations in 2008, a network or centralised HDD based back up system called AccuVault in 2010, and a network or centralised removable HDD based back up system called RDX Quikstation in 2011.

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Tandberg/Compucon White Papers:

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