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Outside the Square

We first included an Outside the Square session in our monthly Continuing Professional Development seminars in February 2011.
We have covered topics with an engineering or technology background beyond and above what Compucon does.  The idea is to provide stimulations, inspirations, perspectives, and associations to our channel peers and business/school professionals on what we do on a day to day basis. Starting February 2012, we post a summary of the session on the website for reference by a wider audience.
August 2013 GK- How We End?
May 2013 GK Radio Telescope Interferometry
March 2013 GK- Beauties of Mathematics
March 2013 GK- Speed Reading
February 2013 Semiconductors, transistors, integrated circuits in 2013
September 2012 What is Time in 2012?
August 2012 Smart Dust in 2012
May 2012 Nanotech Outside the Square 3rd in 2012
March 2012 Looking into Deep Space from Space (2012-03)
February 2012 International Space Station