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SKA Telescope

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SKA Organisation/TDP/DRAO/Swinburne Astronomy Productions

SKA was previously an Outside-the-Square topic and it appeared in Compucon Technology Park as a standalone topic as from 2013-05.  The change is due to Compucon having a direct involvement in SKA since 2012-11 and as such SKA is no longer outside the square.  SKA is a radio telescope employing interferometry which in turns requires high performance computing for converting waves from the sky to visibilities so that scientists and astronomers can do their researches.  Compucon was involved in the design feasibility studies of COTS GPGPU computing systems in 2013-05.

SKA was conceived in 1992 and reached the detail design stage in 2013.  The first set of telescopes will be operational in 2019 and the total system will be fully in operation in 2024.  It is being designed to be operational till 2074.  

Compucon is a member of the computation system design team as in 2013 whereas New Zealand is a founding member of the international SKA Organisation and naturally New Zealand involvements will extend to 2074.  This page is intended to provide a birds eye view of SKA and involvements by Compucon and New Zealand in SKA.  Click the bullets on the RHS for more info.  The list of bullets will grow over time with newest event added to the top of the list.
July 2019 2019-07 NZ Government Decided to Quit SKA
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April 2014 2014-04 Idea log AUT Insight on SKA
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