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Subsequent to introducing a single disk NAS (Network Attached Storage) device in August 2004, Compucon now announces 2 new designs of 4 disk NAS devices for small and medium size businesses- one desktop unit and one 1U rack mount unit. These new NAS units are capable of providing redundancy against hard disk failure via RAID-1 or 5, and supporting a hot spare disk that will automatically replace a failed disk. File transfer performance is faster than a server for a client on the local area network and even faster than the single disk NAS. Storage assignment can be done via a web interface, and the procedures are very intuitive.

As of September 2007, Compucon offers a cost-effective back up system that includes data encryption (AES 256 bit). It is ideal for executive file back up although it can be used for server back up as well. The system consists of software, HDD enclosure and a notebook size HDD.

Tandberg Data LTO-6 Half Height
Tandberg Data LTO-4 Half Height
Tandberg Data LTO-5 Half Height
Personal/Executive/Business Back Up System
Synology RS-409 (1U Rack Mount Unit) *NEW*
Synology CS-407e
Tandberg Data LTO-3 Half Height
Network Attached Storage - Pegasus 4-Bay 410GT *EOL*
Network Attached Storage - DS-101g+ SATA Edition *EOL*
Direct Attached Storage - Arena Aiby II System *EOL*
Synology CS-406e (Desktop Unit) *EOL*
Synology RS-406 (1U Rackmount Unit) *EOL*
Synology RS-407 (1U Rackmount Unit) *EOL*
Synology RS-408 (1U Rackmount Unit) *EOL*