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Compucon specialises in building multi-processor servers and high end workstations with RAID sub-storage systems. R&D and prototype testing is performed locally using New Zealand based expertise as the company's main strategy to assist its business partner network nationwide. Multi-processor offerings include Dual Socket Quad-core Xeons and Opteron based mission critical solutions, with SAS or SATA RAID and Redundant PSU options. We build to order for fitness of purpose, providing maximum scale out and scale up paths as your business grows. The configurations shown are only entry level and may not be complete.
GPU DesignStation
Compucon HPC Workstation Model
Tesla Kepler Features Comparison
GPU HPC System
3U12 Workgroup Server
Compucon HPC for NAMD
Compucon HPC DXR 4U
2U4 Platinum Server
Compucon HPC Workstation
4U8 Platinum Servers
N-Body Simulation Test Results (2012-07)
From Blade to CUDA (2012)
x86 PC Architecture Evolutions
Transition from DXT to DXR Platform in 2012
Compucon Blade Server
3U8 Workgroup Server
2U8 Atom Twin
Compucon TwinBlade Server
2012 Compucon Workgroup Server X9
Compucon Platinum DXG Server
Compucon Workgroup Server
Compucon Platinum DXT Server
2U4 DXT Platinum Server
Compucon Platinum DXA Workstation