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Compucon Blade Server
superblade.gif SuperBlade by Compucon offers many unique advantages that differentiate it from competitors' products and traditional rack-mount arrangements.  Customer benefits include reduced management costs, lower power consumption, highest computing density and highest level of scalability.  In some situations, SuperBlade by Compucon reduces customer's capital expenditure as well.  There are 2 steps in specifying a SuperBlade server.  Step 1 is on the Blade Enclosure.  Step 2 is on the Blade Module.   One blade enclosure takes 10 blades modules.  It is OK to purchase the Blade Enclosure with 1 to 10 blade modules.  Contact for further information and pricing by stating your operational background and requirements for blade servers.  We will get back to you very soon.


SuperBlade Enclosure
SuperBlade Power Supplies
SuperBlade Module
Chassis Management Module