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Standard Platforms

We attempt to explain the array of PC desktop models available and which model is the most appropriate for a set of intended applications.  In the block diagram below, 2 columns are labelled as Intel based and AMD based respectively, that is, the computers are based on their CPU respectively.  They are the current CPU technology leaders.  There was no competition until AMD came up with an advanced technology architecture called the K8. With it, AMD took away 20% of the market share over a short period.  AMD has given us choices!  For each camp, we have 3 levels of performance namely Specialist, Knowledge and Process.

Intel Based
AMD Based
Specialist Workstation
Knowledge PC
Process PC

Process Workers use PCs for a well defined set of applications.  Examples are clerical staff, accountants, Point of Sale operators, students and office managers.  Process Systems are Diamond (Intel) and Jasper (AMD).

Knowledge Workers use PCs for a wider range of applications that demand more PC capabilities.  Examples are software programmers, marketing personnel, CAD designers and IT related professionals.  Knowledge Systems are Diamond + 1151 and Thunderbird.

Specialists refer to people needing special effects or capabilities from a PC.  Examples are audio and video producers, real time broadcasters and graphics ripping machines.  Specialist Systems are Superhawk+ X299  and Superhawk 1151.


Compucon Superhawk 1200 Workstation
Compucon Jasper Workstation
Compucon Thunderbird Workstation
Compucon Jasper Workstation
Compucon Thunderbird A88X Workstation
Compucon Superhawk 1151 Workstation
Compucon Diamond Plus Workstation
Compucon Diamond Workstation
Compucon Superhawk 1151 Workstation (
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