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Continuing Professional Development Program
Introduction to the CPD Program

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It is the same idea behind similar CPD programs organised by universities for post graduates and tertiary institutes for mature students who want to extend the scope or depth of knowledge in specific topics or career lines after the phase of formal schooling. The programs therefore require some pre-requisites such as in academic, vocational or professional training. Compucon CPD Program is designed along the same lines and seminars are held regularly and mainly for IT practitioners. It provides:

  • Information that increases the certainty and/or relationships of facts, opinions, movements, changes, trends and directions
  • Information that enhances the practice of fitness for purposes, total cost of ownership and return of investment as commercial factors
  • A face to face forum for improving the clarity and applicability of the information presented during the forum and afterwards
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July 2019 2019-07 Compucon R&D Snapshot
June 2018 2018-07 Mid-Year-Mini Seminar Programme
June 2018 2018-07 Mid-Year-Mini SKA New Zealand Seminar
November 2017 2017-11 Code of Conduct for Meetings
August 2017 2017-08 Research Impacts and Machine Learning
June 2017 2017-07 MYM-C4SKA Colloquium- Programme
June 2017 2017-07 MYM-C4SKA Colloquium- NZ Computing
February 2017 2017-03 System Roadmaps, Audio Video Applications
November 2016 2016-12 Compucon Directions. WS2016. Cloud Service
September 2016 2016-10 Fast n Efficient. Aerial Surveying. Augmented Reality
August 2016 2016-09 Compucon Learning Machine, Professional Audio Video
July 2016 2016-08 National Data Technologies Centre, NVMe
July 2016 2016-07 SKA-4-NZ Programme
June 2016 2016-07 SKA for New Zealand
May 2016 2016-06 Virtual Reality and 15x Customer Benefits
May 2016 2016-04 Converting R&D to Business
November 2015 2015-12 Roadmap, PAV and Service Delivery
October 2015 2015-11 AMD on Track, Warkworth Observatory
September 2015 2015-10 Compucon Desktops & Windows 10
August 2015 2015-09 Kamo High Open Technology Seminar
August 2015 2015-09 x86 Technologies converging with HPC
July 2015 2015-08 Parallel Compucon I and II Operations
May 2015 2015-07 Computing for International SKA Project
May 2015 2015-06 Professional Audio Video
April 2015 2015-05 Software on Business Agenda and More
March 2015 2015-04 Kamo High Open Technology Seminar
March 2015 2015-04 Algorithms, High Level FFT, 2D FFT
January 2015 2015-03 Compucon Authorised Service Technician
January 2015 2015-02 Square Thinking, OpenCL, Proof, FFT
October 2014 2014-11 Embrace ARM, Parallel Computing, Modelling
September 2014 2014-10 Citizen Scientists, GPU Systems, SpaceX
August 2014 2014-09 Kamo High Open Technology Seminar
August 2014 2014-09 Citizen Scientists, IPVS, University Report
July 2014 2014-08 Citizen Scientists, Heavy Data Systems, RAID Storage
June 2014 2014-07 Industrial PC, Citizen Software, Server Tech
June 2014 2014-06 Peer Feedback (Koos)
May 2014 2014-06 Blackhole, HPC Landscape & Software, Modelling
March 2014 2014-05 Computing Industry & Parallel Computing
March 2014 2014-04 Kamo High Open Technology Seminar
March 2014 2014-04 Heavy Data Systems, Microsoft Server 2012R2
March 2014 2014-03 IPVS, Video Analytics, Computer Vision
February 2014 2014-02 Hardware Technologies, Compucon Stable
November 2013 2013-12 NZ in SKA, NZ Industry, Compucon Roadmap
September 2013 2013-10 Connectivity, CAD Training, BIZNAS
August 2013 2013-09 System Enhancements, RAID & SAS1200
July 2013 2013-08 Exit Plan, Windows 8.1 & Win Server 2012R2
May 2013 2013-06 Tech Briefing & New Zealand View
May 2013 2013-07 Interference, Connectivity, Core 4, SSD
April 2013 2013-05 Step inside SKA, Video Analytics, NHBA Expo
March 2013 2013-04 Maths, CPU Debate, Storage, Big Data