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Environmental Protection
Vineyard.jpg As a good and responsible corporate citizen of New Zealand, Compucon pays attention and contributes to the protection of our environment and Mother Earth. Besides providing safe conditions in the workplace for our employees and visitors, we provide products and services that are safe for our customers, business partners, the public and the society at large. Compucon runs the international ISO-9001 quality management program in all divisions of the company since 1995. The program has initially included guidelines to staff to recycle used material, has been extended to include the prevention of electromagnetic interference before the turn of the millennium, and will progressively be extended to cover more measures to protect our environment and our future generations. This information was first posted on this website in March 2007, a small step taken to advance a big agenda.

Electromagnetic Interference Prevention
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
Recycle Service & E-Waste Management
Reduce Electricity Consumption
Compucon Office Lead by Example
Server Virtualization
Effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields on Humans
Carbon Matters
Power Factor Correction
New Zealand Regulatory Resources
Marine Cloud Whitening
Renewable Energy Resources
Greentouch Alliance Cutting CO2 by 1000 Folds in 5 Year
Radio Frequency Max Exposure