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Compucon Solutions

Compucon supplies a comprehensive range of x86 technology based thin client, PC, desktop, workstation, server, rack mounted and blade systems that are designed for fitness for purpose (FFP) and built for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). 

  • All systems are designed according to open system standards in order to eliminate excessive brand tax and proprietary technology lock-in
  • Compucon platform designs are consistently reviewed and updated along a roadmap with a minimum of 6 months of new technology introduction horizon. We may not be always the first to market but we are always the first to get things right to the market
  • Compucon is an engineering based system builder and is not a clone in any respect
  • All systems are individually tested to the highest standard practised in the industry and all test processes and results are documented under strict Telarc ISO-9001 guidelines

CPU speed, hard disk size or the amount of memory individually or collectively do not guarantee any level of system performance.  The components do not perform individually but as parts of a whole system.  We must use a system and sub-system design approach to arrive at a configuration that will serve specific applications in an optimal manner.  It would be fine to buy off the shelf or a catalogue if fitness for purpose or cost of ownership is irrelevant to your situation.

In summary, Compucon computers built in New Zealand have out-performed imported or big brand computers consistently in price, performance, reliability and support service.  All Compucon sites are happy customers, and many have advised that Compucon brings along improvements of their productivity and competitiveness.