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Compucon New Zealand was established in 1992 with an initial mission of serving the business communities in achieving productivity and competitiveness enhancements by supplying computer systems that are fit for purposes with the lowest cost of ownership.  Then Compucon started to be involved in education as an educator in year 2000 by supervising 4 final year Bachelor of Technology students in the University of Auckland.  The effort had seen two of the students graduated with 1st class honours and two with 2nd class honours.  The supervision service has continued since then.  The education effort then expanded to include secondary schools with Kamo High School being a primary beneficiary of Compucon ICT seminars.   Kamo High School has also deployed the concepts of fitness for purpose and total cost of ownership based on Compucon products successfully.

In brief, Compucon has the core competence in computer system technologies and has the intention of transferring the competence to the education sector so that schools can operate their ICT systems for education achieving fitness for purpose and a good return on investment.

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If you wish to participate in discussions with other members of the Education Community on a web forum, please access the forum here.  You will have to go through a registration process if not previously done.  Most of the current forum members are IT managers or IS administrators of schools but school people in other roles are welcome to apply.

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