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64bit Windows XP Pro and W2003 Print
July 2005
Compucon systems pre-installed with the x64 Edition of Windows XP Pro and Windows 2003 are available for the Compucon channel since 30 May 2004. These 64bit editions are not the same product as the ¡§64bit edition for Itanium¡¨ that has been available for over a year. Also, these editions are not the same products as the standard (32bit for x86 processors) edition. The 64bit editions incorporate a WOW (windows on windows) interface that allows both 32 and 64bit applications to run in the system. Legacy 16bit applications are no longer supported. For the foreseeable future, the 32bit editions will continue to be the default system software on our reseller price list. If you need the 64bit edition, you must request for it as an upgrade option on your purchase orders.

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