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Compucon System Model Updates Print
September 2006
Several Compucon system models have been updated in August 2006 to reflect the latest developments of technologies whilst maintaining the maximum platform consistency that Compucon is well known for. The many changes are brought about by the same reason that we are familiar with- the race between the two technology power houses, being Intel and AMD. Intel has announced processors that perform faster than AMD. The new Core 2 micro architecture is characterised by low core frequency and low pipeline stages that resemble Pentium III Tualatin technology. Of course, Core 2 is not the same as Tualatin. Core 2 has dual cores sharing a common Level 2 cache. AMD responded by announcing quad core processors for 2007 that will take the lead again due to the K8 supremacy in modular connectivity (direct memory access and Hyper Transport). In the meantime, AMD has changed the processors from Socket 754 and 939 to Socket AM2 to support DDR2 memory and has dropped the price of the top end models. The change is understandable but too abrupt. The Compucon channel has been briefed of the changes, and we believe that our loyal Compucon customers have managed to move forward together. Compucon System Models updated include Platinum DXB, 1U, 2U, Thunderbird, Jasper and Diamond.