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Security standards Print
June 2011
WEP = Wired equivalent privacy
TKIP = Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
CCMP = Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol

AP security:
•WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, WEP 802.1X

WDS security:

•40-bit encryption key
•Various key sizes – longer key requires interception of more packets to crack
•Outdated, many flaws, no longer used

•128-bit per-packet key
•Part of the IEEE 802.11i standard
•Avoids major problems with WEP

AES (WPA2): 
•IEEE 802.11i standard
•CCMP as the standard encryption protocol; more secure than WEP and TKIP protocols of WPA

MAC ACL (address filtering)

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