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Compucon Workgroup CDX Server Debuts Print
September 2006
Many resellers and IT consultants have asked us if Compucon can supply Single Xeon or Single Opteron systems for server use (i.e. running a server OS such as Windows 2003 Server). Our previous recommendation is to go for Dual Xeon or Dual Opteron systems for maximum computational headroom that is critical for reducing application latency for end users. However, the market does supply Single Xeon or Single Opteron systems made by overseas vendors indicating that there is demand by a certain group of customers. At last, we have worked out a solution that meets this sector with a mix of features- single processor computational capacity, full scale multi-user I/O throughput capability, server grade reliability and a substantially reduced price. The outcome is the Compucon Workgroup CDX Server. CD stands for Core 2 Duo (based on Conroe CPUs), and X stands for PCI-X slots. In fact, this system also supports PCI-Express add-on cards and is very flexible. Intel has made Conroe and Woodcrest Xeons on the same architecture, and this piece of information is a cornerstone of our system design. In summary, Compucon Workgroup CDX server is ideal for departmental or workgroup server use although the number of users supported varies from case to case. Please see our system configuration here...