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Outband Remote System Management Print
June 2011
                                                              Management of servers & systems
                                               remotely over LAN connections…

                                                                                     regardless of system health,
                                                                        power state and operating system type
IPMI Features

Remote KVM console
Virtual Media and ISO images
Remote server power control
Event Log for support
Automatic notification and alerts
Hardware Monitoring
OS Independent
Hardware Monitoring includes:
  -System/CPU temperature
  -Fan speeds
  -Chassis Intrusion
  -Power Supply Failure
  -via E-Mails or SNMP trap
Event Log
  -BIOS events
  -Hardware Health Event

Compucon Servers with IPMIcompuconlogo.JPG
Workgroup Server (UP)
Platinum Server (DP)
4 Server Generations:
  -X5 (2004-06, IPMI 1.5, shared LAN)
  -X6 (2006-08, IPMI 2.0, shared LAN)
  -X7 (2008-09, IPMI 2.0+ dedicated LAN)
  -X8/X9 (Q4 2009–11, IPMI 2.0+, dedicated LAN)

Configuring IPMI
DHCP is on by default
Change the IP in the BIOS or with the ipmicfg utility

**Please go to the CAST Seminar page for further technical details**

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