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Preparing towards Cloud & Rainforest Computing Print
August 2011
Preparing towards Cloud & Rainforest Computing …

There are many types of clouds- white, dark, large, small, stable, fast moving, high, and low etc.  We can be the clouds or a cloud operator if we have enough rain to offer.  A cloud operator will need computing servers and storage and this is where our big brothers enjoy a much higher level of economies of scale than us.  This does not stop us running a small cloud or local cloud for whatever reasons as long as we can achieve an optimal level of economies.  Compucon supports small and local cloud operators with high density low cost servers.  The current offerings come in 3 levels of computing power.  Click the links for details.

Lowest- 8 systems running Dual Core Atom D525 in a 2U chassis
High- 8 systems running Multi-Core Xeon in a 3U chassis
Higher – 4 systems running Dual Socket Multi-Core Xeon in a 2U chassis

All of them are based on the simple concept of reducing by sharing rack space and electricity supply.  All systems have their own real estate and they are not virtual servers.  For sure, they can be virtualized to make more servers available.  All members of each are individually hot swappable as well as their hard disk drives.  The Atom system is an exception as 2 systems live on one physical motherboard.

These systems share the same concept with blade servers but do not have built-in inter-node networking to qualify them as blades.  We shall simply see these systems as High Density Low Cost systems. 

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