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Compucon Beliefs in Technology Print
January 2007

Re-defining Our Space in IT

This is an attempt to find and define our space for the year 2007 (when this article was posted on this website) and beyond.  We begin with some fundamental assumptions and work our way forward.  Do you agree with the thinking process? Please review the article and give us your comments by return email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Information technology is a step of human civilization evolution and we are only at the beginning of this step (one hundred years constitute a small step in the history of mankind)

Information is a new commodity of our time- there is an abundance of it and it is mostly free.  The trouble is that most information is not information if we define information as something that produces certainty.  We are passionate in differentiating the good from the bad, the right from the wrong, removing myths, reinforcing certainty, helping as many people as we can reach and implementing information systems properly so that more people live in a more constructive and appreciative manner.  We understand that our passion has to be augmented by tremendous efforts of learning.  Millions of people work in information technology.  We shall learn from their work analytically and visually and understand both their objective and emotional values.

In order to judge if we have spent our efforts correctly, we have established a few measurement schemes.  They are fitness for purpose, total cost of ownership, business purpose fulfilment and real life experience.  Computers should enhance productivities, solve problems and assist us to discover frontiers of knowledge.  In the meantime, we must be alert to define computers as a tool and not to become a slave of computers.

We believe the process of working with information should be enjoyable, fun, stimulating and intellectually rewarding.  The last phrase refers to an effect that enables humans to discover more about life and the universe.

We sell information tools, and understand that the tools are good tools if they are in the hands of good people and become useless if used by people who do not use them properly.  We enjoy working with good people and learning good things.

We believe in openness, honesty, integrity of representation, mutual respect, helpfulness and being a good citizen.