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3D Ogre Demo Installation Print
October 2011
Date of Article: 27 October 2011 (note: all URL shown below were valid at this date and they may change over time)

Pre-requisites: PC and Asustek Xtion Pro Live

This guide will cover the procedure to install the OpenNI framework along with other resources needed to run the 3D Ogre demo with Asus Xtion control. This guide is taken from the Sinbad application ReadMe, with alterations and additions done to make it easier to follow.  
Right click ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’

1) Install the OpenNI framework and Primesense device modules from the Asus Xtion installation disk

2) Download and install the following resources; the Sinbad and Ogre3D application folders should be extracted to appropriate places           and renamed (‘C:\Program Files\OpenNI Sinbad’ and ‘C:\Program Files\Ogre3D’ for example).

3) Right click ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’
4) Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and select ‘Environment Variables’
5) Create a new System or User variable named OGRE_HOME and set the target to the Ogre 3D root directory.
6) Run the Sinbad.exe application from the ‘/bin’ directory of the Sinbad application folder; create a desktop shortcut for easier use         in the future. 
7) The first time you run the application, a setup window will appear. Select the renderer you want to use (OpenGL or Direct3D) as             well as other graphics settings such as resolution. 
8) After completing the setup you should see a full screen 3D image of an Ogre (if everything was installed OK); there will also be a         small red image of any humans seen through the Xtion at the bottom right of the screen. 
9) To sync with the application you need to stand an appropriate distance from the Xtion unit (your entire body needs to be inside           the Xtion field of view). Make the ‘Sigma’ or ‘Cactus’ pose and hold it until the small image of you turns completely bright red. 
10) You actions should now be mapped to the 3D Ogre onscreen; movement of the 3D avatar may become erratic if parts of your             body leave the area visible to the Xtion. 
11) Stand up straight and cross your arms until the small red image goes dark red to unsync from the application. Press escape to             access the menu, from here you can change some graphical settings or exit the application.