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CUL04 Indoor Infrared LED Illluminator Print
November 2011
CUL04.JPG Features
  • High efficiency heat evaporating case
  • Build-in 90 PCs wide angle IR LED
  • Special design IR LED and circuit prolongs life span of IR LED
  • IR effect degree: 180 degree (indoor)
  • IR effect area: 200M^2 (indoor)


Type Indoor
Luminaire 850nm Wide Angle LED
Angle 180 degree (indoor)
Emissive Power 7.7W
Indoor Area 200M^2 (Indoor)
Control Cds/10Lux
Power Supply DC12V / AC24V
Current Consumption DC640mA / DC12V (MAX)
Dimension 108 x 70mm
Weight 450g
Storage Temperature -30~+60 celcius
Operating Temperature -10~+45 celcius
*NOTE- The specification is as supplied by the factory and has not been completely verified by Compucon.

Most ACTI cameras have filters that allow them to pick up infra red, however most do not have their own built in IR lights and so would rely on something such as a CUL04 to provide IR to see in the dark.
The CAK-5211E  is one of the few ACTI cameras that has its own built in IR lights, so it does not need a CUL04/10 to see at night. This is shown in the left image, where only the IR built in to the 5211E camera is used. The right image shows what happens when you use the 5211E built in IR emitters as well as the CUL04 IR unit. You can see from the side-by-side comparison that using the CUL04 results in a brighter image; this shows that the CUL04 IR light is more powerful than the built-in IR lights of the 5211E camera.

Below image shows that camera with already built-in IR light will still gain the advantage(more brighter) of using the CUL04 unit