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How does GPU work? (2012) Print
February 2012
First post in Feb 2012
The diagram shows how an application that normally runs in the CPU of a PC is ported over to the GPU.  

A software program is made up of application codes.  The 1st step is to partition some sections of the code of a repeating nature to run on the GPU and other sections to remain on the CPU.  Use C, C++ or other supported languages with special keywords.  
The sections of the code allocated to the GPU must be highly computing intensive and they tend to be the core algorithm and thus the critical parts of the application.  A minor effort of code porting will result in significant performance gains.  

At the center of this parallel computing model is CUDA (Compute United Device Architecture) which is NVIDIA’s parallel computing hardware and programming model. CUDA provides developer tools that have made parallel programming easy and accessible.  CUDA has rapidly become the de facto standard for parallel programming and is currently being taught in over 400 universities around the world.