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Compucon II Resolutions (2012-03) Print
March 2012
Compucon New Zealand is a digital technology operation with expertise in engineering and information technology mostly in hardware at a system or solution level.  Digital means non analogue although we realize that the universe and life are not digital.  Digital is just a human methodology and it largely refers to the use of computers for measurement, transmission, calculation, design, creation, storage, retrieval, display, and output of information that conform largely to open standards.  Internet Protocol (IP) which is well defined in the TCP/IP stack or the OSI 7 layer model is a foundation stone of interfacing standards and one that Compucon subscribes to.  We believe that digital and IP technologies will stay as the top contributor to the civil development of mankind for the next hundred years.   
In brief, IP is everything.     

What does Compucon New Zealand want to see?  

We would like to see New Zealand become a leading country in infrastructures and productivity which collectively make New Zealand one of the best places in the world to live, to work, and to visit.  At the time this statement was first posted (March 2012), we had the observation that the average citizen knew much more about how to spend money for oneself (consume) than to create value for fellow citizens (produce).   The country derived incomes mostly from primary produces and relied on other countries for add-value products.  We were largely a consumer.  We need creation to balance consumption to be sustainable to say the least.

What would Compucon New Zealand do to contribute to the above big picture?  

We design and produce computing platforms and application solutions for the infrastructure and creation sectors that include government departments, businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations etc.  Fitness for Purpose (FFP) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) have been our design and production criteria for 20 years, and they will stay on for the foreseeable future.  In addition, we have expertise and capabilities for the realisation of big pictures, understanding of technology states, mastering professional implementation methodologies, and transferring skills to the country.  Most important of all, we practise ethically and helpfully.

How sustainable is Compucon New Zealand being a commercial operation?

Compucon New Zealand is indeed a commercial operation and it was initially set up with 55% of foreign investments back in 1992.  The company became 100% New Zealand owned on 1 April 2011.  If the company has survived 20 years of tough trading conditions in the very competitive PC industry, it has a good chance of surviving further years.  This statement has made too many assumptions and is indeed meaningless.  What we can do is to do things well that are under our control, and this is similar to planting luck.  Yes, luck can be planted.  If we do things properly and diligently, luck will be on our side. 
  • Provides a pleasant environment for all parties involved and facilitates individual requirements.
  • Serves customers, the society, the country, and the Earth.
  • Makes a financial profit to support all functions and to assure that all stakeholders accept to continue to put resources into the business.
  • Keeps the business going forever.
At the team meeting of Compucon staff members on 7 March 2012, the team resolved that keeping the business going forever is the first target to achieve as it provides the basis for all other efforts.