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March 2012
The title of the BTECH project for Year 2012 organised by Compucon New Zealand as an industry supervisor for the University of Auckland is CUDA Computing.  Supervisors involved are TN Chan, Edmond Chan and Matthew Ng on the industry side, and Dr Mano and Professor Reinhard Klette on the academic side.  Dr Mano is the overall coordinator and he makes sure that all project design and execution satisfy the teaching, learning and research goals of the university.

Semester 1 will have a higher industry emphasis and the student will learn about the following mix of technologies and carry out performance benchmarking exercises.  CUDA is the theme of the project and the outcomes of the project will include qualified and quantified views on the state of computing technologies and their developments. 
  • RISC versus CISC for computing hardware technologies
  • GPU versus CPU for computing approaches
  • COTS CAD versus research for application software categories
  • Linux versus Windows for application environments
  • Quadro versus Tesla for CUDA computing
Semester 2 will have a higher academic emphasis and the project will be related to a separate doctoral thesis on Semi Global Matching (SGM) computer stereo vision supervised by Prof Klette.  SGM is not a NZ innovation but this project may help the university to realise its advantages over other schemes.  CUDA is the tool, whereas another university project “Enpeda” will provide data.

Nvidia in Taipei has accepted to contribute to this project by supplying 2 development kits to Compucon and University of Auckland in April to June timeframe when the kits are ready.  The kits consist of Tegra 3 CPU and Quadro 1000M with 96 CUDA cores.  Nvidia has previously supported Compucon with its latest Tesla C2075 GPU products.  

  • BTECH- Bachelor of Technology
  • CUDA- Compute United Device Architecture
  • RISC- Reduced Instruction Set Computing
  • CISC- Complex Instruction Set Computing
  • GPU- Graphics Processing Unit
  • CPU- Central Processing Unit
  • COTS- Commercial off-the-Shelf
  • CAD- Computer Aided Design

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