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Cold boot detection of Seagate 1TB/platter drives Print
April 2012

Barracuda (1TB/disk platform) Firmware Update

Problem outline

Users have reported their Seagate hard drive is not detected on a cold boot on Seagate web forums. A suggested solution is to update the drive's firmware.

This article has been last updated on 13 April 2012. Thanks to Dave Fielder for the tip! Please check the source articles below for the latest information:

User reports:
Seagate Firmware Update article:

Suggested Solution

New firmware version: CC4C, CC4D and CC9D (released together and are functionally equivalent)

This article applies to the following models:

Model Number Part Number Capacity
ST3000DM001 9YN166 3TB
ST2500DM001 9YN16L 2.5TB
ST2000DM001 9YN164 2TB
ST1000DM003 9YN162 1TB

Previous versions of firmware with these models and part numbers are CC46, CC47, CC48, CC49 or CC9C.

The firmware update utility runs within Windows. Download and run the CC4C, CC4D, and CC9D firmware update utility here. The firmware tool will determine which version (CC4C, CC4D, or CC9D) is correct for your drive.

For non-Windows systems with Intel compatible processors we also offer a bootable CD ISO image, which will create a bootable CD.

Screenshot of original article (13/04/2012):