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Compucon DMA20 Development Scheme Print
June 2012

Compucon is a small company even though we would be among the biggest 10% of companies in New Zealand.  As a small company, Compucon cannot steer the world (like Apple with iPad or Microsoft with Windows) and can only react to trends shaped by big players and the government.  Compucon must be able to read signs correctly, react fast and take wise action as there is no margin for errors for a small company.  The company cannot set any technology development plans in concrete due to the size, and we can only set personnel development plans in concrete for the long haul and perpetual operations.

Compucon has adopted Fitness for Purpose (FFP), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Business Process Efficiency (BPE) as the criteria for Destructive Creations (ahead of trends).  Senior Compucon members must be able to performing Destructive Creations according to the defined criteria.  An underlying criterion is ethics and conscience.  

Starting April 2012, Compucon has developed a DMA20 personnel development scheme.  DMA stands for Decision Making Abilities and the number stands for the level.  Level 10 is for a competent team member who is capable of performing on his/her own without supervision and taking up personal responsibilities for his/her own actions.  Trainees and assistants are below Level 10.  Team leaders are on Level 20.  Various team members would be rated between Level 10 and 20.  The scheme is for guiding team members to reach level 20 within 5 years.

Compucon has structured procedures in place for recruiting new members and providing induction and on-the-job training to them.  As such team members with 2 years or more of experience with Compucon have definitely attained Level 10.  Most team members would be able to reach a higher level due to individual talents and motivations.  However, a higher level of structured development scheme is necessary for team members to reach Level 20.

There are 3 aspects for personnel development: foundation skills, technical skills and management skills.  We are aware of the risks of “split personality” as a technical person may not know how to manage and vice versa.  The technical specialist and the manager should be 2 separate individuals.  In the Compucon scheme, a team member can elect to follow a technical specialist path or a managerial path.  If the member takes the technical specialist path, the individual will have to achieve a high level of technical performance capacity and a minimum level of managerial abilities.  Likewise a member taking the managerial path will have to achieve a high level of managerial performance capacity and a minimum level of technology mastery. 

Compucon adopts an Achievement Units (AU) approach to rate the progression of team members.  The Foundation Skill Set carries 2AU, and each of Technical and Managerial Skill Sets carries 6AU.  To reach DMA20, the team member shall have 2AU for foundations, 6AU for the specialist role and 2AU for the supplementary role for a senior position. 

We expect to have 4 team members reaching DMA20 by March 2017.