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Compucon Office Lead by Example Print
March 2007
  • We reuse paper such as those that the fax machine splits out everyday
  • We replace printed materials with email files wherever we can preserve the quality of communication
  • We reuse most packaging materials and supply surplus or used packaging materials to a 3rd party recycling operation periodically
  • We use natural ventilation as much as possible and keep air conditioning to a minimum
  • We turn off all monitors in the office at the end of each day and we turn off all desktops during the major holiday period

Compucon New Zealand implemented an official policy as from July 2008 through QMII 01/16/04.  All staff members are requested to support the policy.


  • Resources are limited on Earth.  Some resources are renewable and some are not.
  • The build up of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is blocking the dissipation of heat from the Earth to the outer space and causes a gradual increase of sea temperature over time
  • Some chemical elements such as lead and those identified by EU for their RoHS initiative are harmful to the soil for human vegetation.

Guidance on Behaviour
  • Save resources such as using water, electricity, air conditioners, heaters, petrol etc only when strictly necessary.  Turn off all computer monitors and building lights when not using them.
  • Recycle resources such as paper and packaging materials whenever allowable
  • Plant green plants which absorb carbon dioxide and clean the air
  • Use digital technology to reduce paper printing, message transmission and physical file archiving
  • Promote technologies that improve energy use efficiency or reduce wastage
  • Avoid the use of harmful elements in our purchases and production
  • Develop big picture views such as keeping office computers in a hibernation mode at night and extending their longevity can justify the extra electricity used