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CPD Programme for Year 2013 Print
January 2013

Tentative Timetable for 2013

The programme is symmetrical on the 2 halves of the year for a systematic spread of info as shown below.  Since Compucon has re-structured into 4 technology development teams with Team 1 as the core for standard computer systems, Team 2 for big data systems, Team 3 for video application systems, and Team 4 for high performance systems, we will present the findings of each of Team 2, 3 and 4 each month as long as the info is relevant to our peers.   We will adjust the programme as situations demand. 

o Jan Advisory Meeting
o Feb CPD1/4 on 13 (Wed) 
o March CPD1/2
o April CPD1/3   
o May CPD    
o June TB    
o July CAST
o Aug CPD1/4
o Sep CPD1/2    
o Oct CPD1/3
o Nov CPD   
o Dec TB

CAST for 2013

o CAST is intended to emphasize hands-on info that appeals to hands-on technical people and to offer a condensation of CPD contents over the last 12 months in one day.  We will increase the tuition period from 6 hours by 30 minutes this year and see if this will break our biological concentration limit. 

o The additional time will go to Win 8 and Win 2013.   These sessions will benefit hands-on technicians most for info that can be immediately applied and will be welcome.

o Team 1 agenda includes hardware platforms, graphics, and SSD.  We will reduce the amount of historical info in order to make better use of time.  Team 2 agenda includes RAID, ZFS, FreeNAS, Hadoop software technologies, and large storage volume hardware.  Team 4 includes CUDA and Xeon Phi technologies for heterogeneous parallel computing (HPC) and visualization.  Team 3 agenda will not be included in CAST as it is too specialised and only a small group of peers are interested.

CPD Seminars

o Outside-the-square (OTS) sessions have been welcome and successful.  Our recent expression of interest in SKA Telescope design was stimulated by one of the sessions on space telescope.  We will continue to do OTS this year.

o We did one non-technical session last year on “sales calls suck”.  We may do one or two "business management or professional practice" sessions this year.  Selection of suitable themes is a challenge here. 

o We will talk about software compilation for optimal hardware performance for the first time in 21 years of our operations.  The change is prompted by our newly developed relationship with the HPC group in UOA (Radu and Michael) and AUT (Andrew).

Please email us for any idea you may have