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May 2013

Compucon CPD Seminar Series
Technology Briefing
25 June 2013 Tuesday
Compucon House Albany

4:00 - 5:00pm   New Zealand SKA Alliance
5:00 - 5:30pm   Muffin Break
5:30 - 7:00pm   Technology Seascape & Compucon Direction
7:00 - 7:30pm   Peer Forum
7:30 Finish

New Zealand SKA Alliance (DRAFT ONLY)

SKA Telescope is a large international science project and New Zealand has been given a prominent position by the international science community in the design stage which is happening right now. Central signal processing and science data processing for SKA are 2 big challenges in this project. The New Zealand Government has a keen interest in all SKA developments and sees this project as a catalyst candidate for developing a high performance computing centre of excellence here. Dr Andrew Ensor is a NZ SKA Alliance director and he will explain why, what, when, who and how things have happened as far as New Zealand is related to SKA on both the technology and organisational fronts.  Andrew is a senior research lecturer with AUT and has a good grasp of key computing technologies globally. This is a valuable opportunity for Compucon peers to hear direct from a science leader of the country.

Technology Seascape (40 minutes)

We all know that the PC or IT seascape is not the same as 10 years ago due to the advents of mobile devices and cloud computing. These developments should be predictable as technologies mature over time but the fast pace of change has been responsible for the downfall of numerous operations in New Zealand over the last 10 years. Changes are continuing. This session attempts to reveal the pattern of changes so that we can predict the next wave and be better prepared for the future. We will discuss mainstream computing platforms and niche computing platforms that presumably have an 80/20 user population split. Within the domain of mainstream computing is cloud computing, and within the domain of niche computing is high performance computing. An important hint is that small players can excel in niche areas only. As such, this session will allocate time to the 2 domains in the reversed ratio. We will stay at the big picture level in the discussions and supplement with technical details wherever we have direct experience and knowledge. We are comfortable that we have charted the sea in a way that nobody has done or published so far.

Compucon Direction (50 minutes)

Joining the international SKA Telescope high performance computing design team and working with top international and New Zealand scientists and engineers is definitely the most fulfilling experience. SKA is a catalyst taking Compucon to a higher level of industry positioning. The plan of having 4 teams of specialisation mentioned in the last briefing has since been validated and this has allowed Compucon to enter the 22nd year of operation with a well defined business plan. Works on the new plan are progressing.  This session will review 4 aspects: Compucon business strategy, product development, communication efforts, and operational effectiveness.  In particular, emphasis will be given to the 4 teams of product development for the 2nd half of 2013. Find out if you are on the same wavelengths, share the same vision, and endorse the agenda. 

Peer Forum

Hamish Fenn and Dave Fielder, two respected peers with many years of experience in the PC/IT industry, will provide a summary of their respective views on the big picture of the future of the industry reflecting whatever has been presented by NZ SKA Alliance and Compucon. Hamish will take a business perspective. Dave will take a technology perspective. These reviews will provide a lot of food for thought to peers who intend to stay on for another 10 years or more.