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Training note Video Analytics Counting Print
August 2013

This article discusses 2 scenarios of counting objects and human on a similar software intelligence level as rated by the vendor.    

IQ-110 Object Counting

  • This is an entry level application for counting the number of moving objects including human across a user defined straight line boundary.  This boundary does not need to correspond to any physical structures and the definition is done on the computer screen.  A person crossing the virtual boundary in the pre-defined direction as captured by the camera will be counted one.
  • This application provides counting on the two parallel sides of a virtual rectangle. One side can be the entry, and the other side can be the exit of the area of interest.  Objects moving sideways will not be counted.    

  • The camera should be mounted overhead of the area of interest for the best vision.  In order to be more specific, the user has to define the maximum size and minimum size of objects to be counted with 2 boxes within the area of interest on the computer screen.
  • In order to count every object crossing the boundaries, the user does not need to specify the Motion Retention Time which is needed in other applications.
  • This application produces a report of counts at the end of a predefined time period. The report will be in tabular or graphical form with data and time, and can be exported as a spreadsheet.

IQ-115 Crowd Gathering

  • This application is intended for monitoring a pre-defined area of interest for the number of people gathering. The user shall define the minimum of time a person staying within the area to qualify as “gathering”. In order to count human only, the user shall define the max and minimum size of objects to qualify.
  • The user has the option of asking for alarming if the crowd has reached a certain predefined number.