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Upgrading drive capacities for RAID 10 Print
November 2013
Procedure to increase drive capacities for RAID 10:

*Note: Some of the images were taken after the volume was already expanded/extended, thats why some of the options are greyed out/are different sizes.
 Step 1:
Open and login to ASM (Adaptec Storage Manager)
 Step 2:
 Replace drive(s) and wait for the rebuild to finish. Do the same with the remaining drives in the RAID.
2 Replace and Rebuild

  *Step 3:
 Right click and click on "Expand or change logical device"
3 Expand Logical Device

  *Step 4:
A window will appear. Select RAID 10 (or whatever RAID you have)
4 Expansion Options

*Step 5: Click on "Advance settings". Select a capacity display unit and enter in a new size then click on "Next"
5 Expansion Size
  *Step 6: Click on "Apply"
6 Configuration Summary

 Step 7:
Wait for the reconfiguration to complete
7 Size Reconfiguration
 Step 8:
Restart the computer when reconfiguration completes.
8 Reconfiguration Complete
  *Step 9:
Go to Disk Managment in Computer Management and extend volume
9 Extend Volume

 Step 10:
One volume have been extended go to My Computer and check the size.
10 My Computer New Size

 Step 11:
Go inside the drive and check if files are still intact
11 Files Intact