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Wireless Bridge Print
March 2014
Wireless Bridge Building Block CAP-5015D

Outdoor High Power 5GHz CPE/AP/Bridge/Router with 15dBi Dual Polarity Antenna or N-Type Connector, and Die-Casting Enclosure

CAP-5015D is a 5GHz 500mW 802.11a/n compatible multi-client/bridge/access point/route/WDS. It has built-in 15dBi dual polarity antenna with IP67/68 long-durable metal enclosure for long term solutions!

CAP-5015D is the point of connection to Wireless Outdoor Network for service provider deploying last mile services to business or residential broadband subscribers.. Network administrators can create multiple subscriber service tier using per-subscriber rate limiting features, and manage centrally. CAP-5015D utilizes a 500mW high power with a Built-in 5GHz 15dBi dual polarity directional antenna. It also offers 2 N-type connectors for different model such that you can connect with external antennas. CAP-5015D may connect to the WiFi mesh or WDS infrastructure and provides the subscriber with an Ethernet connection for a local access. CAP-5015D supports two operational modes, the AP mode and the WDS mode, respectively with built-in remote management features simplify the deployment and reduce cost for continued maintenance of the outdoor bridge:

  • Access Point: It can be deployed as a traditional fixed wireless Access Point
  • WDS: It can be expanded Wireless Service as WDS Link
  • CPE (Customer Premises Equipment): That connects to Wireless Internet Service Provider's (WISP)
  • Universal Repeater with client bridge mode.

Features at a glance

  • IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 compliance in 2Tx / 2Rx design
  • 500mW at 5 GHz output power with up to 300Mbps of Tx/Rx bandwidth.
  • Option of built in 15dBi (H60, E30) dual polarity directional antenna, or 2 N-type connectors without antenna.
  • Topology: Point to Point, Point to Multi Point
  • Operation Modes : Access Point and AP/WDS , WDS (Repeater , Bridge), CPE (Client Router)
  • Security with 802.1X, WAP, and WPA2
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and WMM for bandwidth management
  • Multiple B-SSID capability (Virtual AP) and Client Isolation
  • Client Isolation throught Layer 2 VLAN Technology
  • Business class WLAN Security and Client Authentications
  • Provide Advanced Wireless Setting (ACK/CTS )
  • Support Web management and SNMP MIB-II
  • Wide Range Voltage support (12-68VDC), PoE
  • Weather-Proof Housing (IP 68 Approved)
  • Weater-Proof M-13 RJ45 Connector and N-Type Connector
  • QoS: DiffServ / TOS, IEEE802.11p/ COS, IEEE 802.11Q Tag VLAN priority control, IEEE802.11e WMM
  • Pure AP Mode & AP/WDS Mode: wireless access point that allows wireless clients, or stations(STA) to access
  • WDS Mode (Bridge/Repeater): allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access point without the need for a wired backbone.
  • CPE Mode (Router Client) that run as DHCP server to assign IP address to clients out of a private IP address pool behind a NAT.
  • Support Static IP, Dynamic IP(DHCP Client) and PPPoE on WiFi WAN Connection. DHCP Server
  • Support PPTP/L2TP client/server/pass through
  • MAC Cloning, Support MAC & IP filtering
  • 802.3 Bridging, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Masquerading (NAT), NTP Client
  • Proxy DNS, Dynamic DNS
  • Virtual DMZ, Virtual Server (IP / Port Forwarding)
  • Bandwidth traffic shaping
  • Full Statistics and Status Reports; Event logs
  • CLI access via Telnet
  • Support SNMP v1, v2c, v3; SNMP traps
  • Profiles Configuration Backup and Restore
  • Remote Link Test – Display connect statistics
  • Support SIP pass-throughput NAT
Outdoor High Power CPE/AP/Bridge/Router with Integrated Antennas
 Model No.  CAP-5015D (with option for Integrated 15 dBi Antenna, or 2-N type Connectors)
 Ethernet Connection  External IEEE 802.3 100BaseT (RJ-45) Bulkhead connector
 IEEE 802.11a/n(draft 2.0), IEEE802.1x, IEEE802.3(Ethernet),IEEE802.3u
 Wireless Features  Transmission power control: 9 Levels. Channel selection: Manual or Auto. No of associated clients per AP: 32; Setting for max no associated clients: Yes; No. of BSSID (Virtual AP): 7; No of Max. WDS setting: 4; Preamble setting: Short/Long; Setting for 802.11a/n mix, 802.11a only; Setting for transmission speed. Dynamic Wireless re-transmission; IEEE802.11f IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol), hand over users to another AP; IEEE 802.11i Pre-auth (PMKSA Cache); IEEE 802.11h-Transmission Power Control; IEEE 802.11d -Multicountry roaming; Wireless site survey; Channel width 20/40 MHz; HT Tx/Rx stream selection: 1 or 2; support A-MSDU and A-MPDU; Maximal MPDU density for Tx aggregation setting; Short slot support; RTS Threshold and Fragment Threshold support.
 Wireless Security  Layer 2 User or AP Isolation; Blocks client to client discovery within a specified VLAN; WEP 64/128/152 Bits; EAP-TLS + Dynamic WEP, EAP-TTLS + Dynamic WEP, PEAP/ MS-PEAP+Dynamic WEP; WPA (PSK +TKIP), WPA (802.1x certification + TKIP); 802.11i WPA2 (PSK, 802.1x certification + CCMP/ AES-256 bits); Setting for TKIP/CCMP/AES key’s refreshing period; Hidden ESSID support; Setting for “ Deny ANY “ connection request; MAC Address filtering (MAC ACL); No. of registered RADIUS servers: 1; VALN assignment on ESSID; Support VLAN tag over WDS link
 Operation Modes  AP, AP Client (Ethernet to WLAN Bridge), WDS (Wireless Repeater; P-to-P, P-to-MP Bridge), Universal Repeater plus Client Bridge Mode. UPnP
 Management  Web base Management System with HTTP or HTTPS, CLI via telnet or SSH.
 External Power Jack  12~68 VDC with passive 48V 0.4A Power over Ethernet, 110-220VAC Power. One internalconsole
 Form Factor  Die-cast aluminum enclosure with IP 67/68 rating
 LEDs  Power, wireless, and Ethernet.
 Mounting  Wall mounting or pole mount
 CPE Weight  0.68 KG (1.5 LBS)
 Dimension  157(L) x 96(W) x 45(H) mm
 Operating Temperature  -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
 Operating Humidity  100% non-Condensing
 Package Content  CAP-5015D, PoE Injector x 1 , Power Code x 1 , Mounting Kit (with screw package) x 1, Weatherproof connector x 1 , CD manual x 1. Optional N-type connectors x 2, or integrated 15 dBi antenna x 1
 FCC, CE (in-progress), C-TICK (in-progress)
 Antenna Characteristics
 Gain  15dBi 5GHz (H60, E30) built-in dual polarity directional antenna, , or optional N-type connector
 Frequency Range  5.150 ~ 5.825GHz
 Radio Characteristics
 Radio Scheme  802.11a: OFDM (64QAM, QAM, QPSK, BPSK)
 802.11n: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
 Chipset  Ralink RT2880 + RT2850
 Platforms  266MHz MIPS 4Kc, 32MB16-bit SDRAM; 4MB Flash
 Frequency Range  5.150 ~ 5.825GHz (Europe/USA); 4.9 ~ 5.25GHz (Japan)
 Output Power  500mW RF output power, transmit power variation: 27 dBm
 Data Rate  1 / 2 / 5.5 / 6 / 9 / 11 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 54 Mbps
 Channels  North America: 12 Channels (US, Canada)
 ETSI: 18 (11n) or 19 (11a) Channels (Most European Countries)
 TELEC: 4 Channels (Japan)
 Receiver Sensitivity  -97dBm