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2014-04 Edge Recorder Client Software Print
March 2014

This Training note introduces a new software package for Edge Recorder Client (ERC). ERC is a light version of NVR system to build up a networked video surveillance system based on camera local storage. It does not require any recording devices since the video is recorded in the SD card inside the camera.
  •  ERC can support up to 16 live monitoring IP cameras
  •  no channel license required
  •  high quality images H.264 video streaming
  •  one-click and fast installation


We can download the ERC application and its manual on the following link: Once we have obtained the application we can start to install it and start video surveillance.  Installation of ERC is quick and simple: extract the downloaded files and run the ACTi_Edge_Recorder_Client_Install_v1.0.01.exe. Accept the Software License Agreement and complete the installation. Once completed the installation a shortcut of “ERC” icon will appear on the Desktop. Double click the icon and the ERC login will pop out. The default username and password are admin and 123456 respectively.

Live View 

We can add up to 16 IP cameras using the Device Setup page/tab where we can search the device automatically or manually (we have to input the IP address of the cameras). Once we have added all our cameras we can start to see the live view of each camera using the Live View page/tab. There are four templates that we can use to view the cameras. On Live View page we can view all types of Acti cameras, doesn’t matter if it’s not capable of local storage. If we require saving footage, we will need IP camera that supports local storage in order to record a Video footage or Events.  

TSD Test Results 

We have conducted a test using KCM-3911 (Edge capable) with satisfactory results. We performed Motion detection and continuous recording using an 8GB SD card installed in KCM-3911. The 8GB SD card can record up to 2.5 hours of continuous recording and for 16GB it can record up to 5 hours of recording.  As the storage period is short, this approach is not for 24/7 video recording or any important recording as the SD card can get damaged or removed.

Camera Compatibility

CAK-3911,    CAK-5211E,          CAE-62,

            CAE-82,        CAE-72,              CAB-87,              CAB-67