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2014-04 SKA You Tube Collections Print
April 2014

SKA Teaser

The latest SKA promotional video is now online on the SKA Youtube channel as from 2014-04-25. You can watch it at .  The video was produced by the SKA Organisation and lasts 2.02 minutes.  Of particular interest to New Zealand viewers is the the location of 100 partner institutions in 20 countries including New Zealand. 
100 partner institutions

Introduction of SKA

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be one of the most complex scientific instruments ever built. It will, when fully deployed, consist of an array of ~4000 dishes, with a novel flat panel aperture array component capable of all-sky imaging, and work in the frequency range 70MHz to ~25GHz. It will probe the gaseous component of the early Universe, thereby addressing fundamental questions in research on the origin and evolution of the Universe.  This video was produced by the Science and Technology Facilities Council of UK.
8.07 minutes
Published on Aug 8, 2013
SKA tele