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2014-06 IPENZ Engineering Insight on SKA Print
May 2014
This article/story is based on the interviews of 3 New Zealand people who are involved in the design phase of the international SKA Telescope project.  This SKA project is the biggest science project in the world in the first half of the 21st century, and New Zealand is a major design team for the Central Signal Processor among other work packages.  Jonathan Kings is a New Zealand diplomat and the deputy chair of the international SKA project board.  Andrew Ensor is a senior research lecturer of AUT and the director of the New Zealand design team.  TN Chan is the system architect of Compucon and a member of the SKA design team focusing on high performance parallel computing.  A key message is that New Zealand has the potential of spinning some design insights of this science project to the local computing industry.

Acknowledgement: This article/story was first published in print in Engineering Insight in May/June 2014 Volume 15/3.  Engineering Insight is the official magazine of IPENZ (Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand).  Engineering Insight has given permission to Compucon to reproduce this article for a wider circulation on this website.

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