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2014-07 Industrial PC, Citizen Software, Server Tech Print
June 2014

Compucon CPD Seminar
16 July 2014 Wed
Compucon House Albany

4:00 - 4:50pm Industrial PC Product Portfolio (TN)
4:50 - 5:20pm High Performance Citizen Software (TN)
5:20 - 6:00pm New Intel Server Technologies  (Edmond)
6:00 - 7:30pm Wine and Cheese

Industrial PC Systems

We have known Industrial PC as a category different to consumer or commercial PC for some time but have not really taken any actions to exploit the potential of this category.  Our peer group has lost business to mobile device retailers and cloud operators, but should be able to retain a lot of business in the commercial PC sector and should look at acquiring some business from the industrial PC sector. However, do we know what an industrial PC is and where industrial PC customers are?  These 2 questions are the focus of this CPD session.  We have the answers. We just need to plan and take actions to turn knowledge into business.   A major Compucon plan is to expand our system portfolio to cover more application areas than being served by Short 1U server and Onyx base workstation. We will take this opportunity to review Intel's Haswell CPU Refresh and the positioning of the current Compucon desktop stable.    

High Performance Citizen Software

We discussed the huge research and development efforts taking place in the background by software giant Microsoft in the June CPD seminar. The efforts are in the category of parallel computing, high performance computing, heterogeneous computing, and real time computing.  Microsoft strikes again as we have found another major development that enables Windows serial computing programmers to enter parallel computing!  This session will discuss what we think software really is and how we intend to organize our own development efforts in parallel with the giants.  The concept of Citizen Scientists comes in here and we would like to explain how it works so that more peers will support this movement.  We plan to organise software developments on a public approach and see if we will reach somewhere.

New Intel Server Technologies

Xeon E5-2600 V3 and DDR4 is turning up in the next generation of Intel based Compucon servers soon.  Memory is a major bottleneck of computer performance and DDR4 is intended to provide major relief to the bottleneck.  Another eye opening design is having not just Xeon in the system but Xeon Phi as well.  A high-spec Xeon will have 18 cores.  A high-spec Xeon Phi will have 70 cores.  The next generation of Compucon servers will turn up within 2014 and we will get engineering samples soon (may be after this seminar) for a good feel of the higher performance and new features upon us.