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2014-08 Citizen Scientists, Heavy Data Systems, RAID Storage Print
July 2014
Compucon CPD Seminar
13 August 2014 Wed
Compucon House Albany

4:00-4:30pm    Citizen Scientists (TN)
4:30-5:00pm    Heavy Data Systems (Edmond)
5:00-6:00pm    Building Server with RAID & SSD (Neil Cameron)
6:00-7:30pm    Wine and Cheese

-- Citizen Scientists --

We refer to a major effort to create a high performance computing ecosystem in New Zealand and the use of web forums as the media for members to collaborate for the creation of the ecosystem.  The web forums went live in mid-July 2014 with 3 technology forums (hardware, software, and algorithms) and a general forum.  By the time of this August seminar, the forums would have attained a certain shape and make the "why, what and how to participate" matters more explicit.  We will single out a few developments for discussions in this seminar.

-- Heavy Data Systems --

Heavy Data Systems refer to a class of computing systems that are capable of dealing with heavy computation and large storage tasks than the standard range of desktop and server systems. 2U4 is an example of having multiple (4) computing nodes in a single (2U) chassis.  1UD12 is an example of having 12 standard 3.5" HDD in a single (1U) chassis.  Platinum QX is new and is an example of having 24 Xeon cores in one node.  These systems are at the high end of the computing hardware landscape.  We will single out a few of them for discussion to equip our peers with this level and range of solutions for addressing customer requirements.
-- Building Flexible Servers with RAID and SSDs --

Neil Cameron (PMC Storage Advisor based in Sydney) will discuss how to use the new flexible features of maxCachePlus, Hybrid RAID and maxCache to build servers that meet a high level of performance and capacity needs without breaking the budget. As we have known for a few years, Neil is a knowledgeable and effective teacher.  Come along for an insightful look at caching, tiering and intelligent use of SSDs in today’s server systems.