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August 2014

Compucon GPU HPC Systems refer to Compucon built computers pre-configured with general purpose GPU cards to achieve parallel and thus high computing.  The range is based on Tesla GPU cards as of 2014-01.  

Tesla is the top range GPU product brand from Nvidia.  For some reason, Tesla is also the name of the first generation of CUDA GPU technology from Nvidia.  Let us attempt to clarify the naming convention here.

CUDA GPU Generation History

      1st G = Tesla
      2nd G = Fermi
      3rd G = Kepler
      4th G = Maxwell
      5th G = Pascal
      6th G = Volta on the roadmap

For technical info, please go to this page: HPC

GPU Product Brand

  1. GeForce Brand is for consumer grade such as 3D gaming
  2. Quadro Brand is for professional grade physics computation & 3D visualisation
  3. Tesla Brand is for enterprise grade high performance computing
  Compucon HPC Models:
Compucon HPC SX5 1U
Compucon HPC Workstation Model  Compucon HPC DXR 4U

Click on model name to get more deatils of Compucon HPC models. The model configuration can be amended as per the requirements. 
Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info.  

HPC Applications on Compucon Systems:
 N-body  N-Body refers to a number of bodies such as stars in a galaxy on a very large scale or bio-molecules within a cell on a very small scale.  Clickhere
 NAMD  NAMD is a world class software program for molecular dynamic studies created in 1995 and maintained by the University of Illinois.  Clickhere

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