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2014-09 Citizen Scientists, IPVS, University Report Print
August 2014
Compucon CPD Seminar
17 September 2014 Wed
Compucon House Albany

4:00-4:40pm    New Zealand Citizen Scientists (TN)
4:40-5:20pm    IPVS Technology and Industry Update (TN)
5:20-6:00pm    Research Report on Computer Detection of Human (Xu He)
6:00-7:30pm    Wine and Cheese

-- New Zealand Citizen Scientists --

The website for citizen scientists was set up as recent as mid-July 2014.  By the end of August, 20 citizen scientists have registered and they have posted over 100 discussions on close to 40 topics which collectively attracted well over 1000 views.  This position is encouraging for this new attempt in the IT/PC industry in New Zealand and it does indicate some traction towards a major community or even a national one over time.  Discussions so far have not penetrated into the heart of high performance or parallel computing yet.  Nevertheless, the professional experience and intellectual abilities of our peers are showing up and these aspects will surely help whatever agenda the community may have or develop.  We will pick 3 topics with high readership and 1 topic attached with a bottle of wine for review in this seminar session.  It is a showcase of how we mix intelligence, productivity, friendship, and fun together.       

-- IPVS Technology and Industry Update --

We will disclose the agenda of entering the IPVS business 6 years ago and how findings obtained in the sailing journey led us to the present business plan.  This is really a business and an industry background story and is rich with hidden info that would otherwise remain a secret.  Along this agenda, we will discuss some IPVS industry statistics in 2014, the impact of an IPVS camera standard called ONVIF, Google entering IPVS industry, and how to appraise camera resolutions on paper and in real life.  We will also explain how we keep the end user customers happy with our mastery of IPVS technologies, especially the one site that was installed as early as 2008, to augment the on-site service provided by our peers.  

-- Computer Detection of Human --

This is a University of Auckland Bachelor of Technology project report carrying a weight of 3 semester papers sponsored by Compucon in 2014.  Xu He is the research student and Professor Reinhard Klette from the department of Computer Science is the research supervisor. The theme is in computer vision which is an application of artificial intelligence on pattern recognition. Xu will provide an overview of what he has done so far with success and this includes the removal of static background objects to provide a sharp silhouette of the moving object under surveillance for analysis.  Xu is working on matching the silhouette with human postures and this requires training the computer to learn first. Xu will mention a few algorithms to substantiate the width and depth of his work.  We will make sure that the presentation is easy to follow and we will all become computer scientists in 40 minutes.