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2014-09 Kamo High Open Technology Seminar Print
August 2014
Kamo High / Compucon Open Technology Seminar
Wed 24 September 2014
Kamo High School, Whangarei

2:10pm Reception in Music Studio (Block A)
2:20pm New Zealand Citizen Scientists in High Performance Computing (TN)
4:00pm Peer Review (Haggis Henderson, Colin Dyer)
4:20pm Muffin Break in Staff Room

•    This seminar is designed for professionals, teachers, IT industry people, and 10 selected senior students of the school.  The audience has a range of backgrounds and intellectual abilities.  To keep all engaged in the seminar, we will keep the presentation at a layman level and show some technical info to illustrate key messages.  The content is designed to be educational and inspirational.  It is not for hands-on skill training. Participants will be invited to join a new community of New Zealand HPC Citizen Scientists.  

•    We will start the seminar by showing a short video on the current frontiers of mankind.  It is real and more spectacular and emotional than the first step on the moon in 1969.   What is and why do we need NZ HPC Citizen Scientists?  We will explain the iceberg metaphor, what top universities in advanced countries are doing at present, the difference between information engineering and computer science, and how to improve NZ technology and economic prowess on the world stage through citizen level participation.  (10 slides = 20 min)

•    What is HPC and how does it differ to our traditional computing approach? The space-time concept is at play here! We will provide useful and impressive information from or on the following sources.  (20 slides = 40 min)

      o    Argonne National Laboratory
      o    Microsoft Catching Up Vigorously
      o    SKA Radio Astronomy Central Signal Processing
      o    New Zealand university project(s) on application of HPC 

•    We will disclose a long term project led by 5 curators.  The project has 2 dimensions: (a) Commercially sellable HPC systems, (b) HPC ecosystem in the country.  The ecosystem is the first attempt in the history of IT or PC industry in New Zealand, and it will develop to a national level not owned by Compucon.  As of the end of August 2014, the web forums have about 40 topics and provide enough info for members to place oneself in this ecosystem for interactions.  Members will benefit from the interactions, and the total amount of benefits of individual members will propel New Zealand forward.  (10 slides = 20 min)