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New Compucon Thunderbird K8 Workstation with 64bit Processor Print
October 2004
Compucon is pleased to announce the official release of Thunderbird K8 Workstation for the performance market sector such as graphics design, engineering analysis and software development. The new Thunderbird K8 Workstation supports AMD Athlon 64 processors with integrated direct memory control and employs high bandwidth Hyper-Transport trunks for input and output data flow. This system does not use integrated VGA and is configured with a discrete MX440 64MB AGP card that gives the customer an upgrade path for high-end graphics. This system provides 2 Serial ATA ports for hard disk on RAID 0 or 1. RAID is hardware assisted not software making the system ideal for either precious data processor with HDD mirroring or high disk access intensive applications with HDD data striping. Another standard feature of this system is Gigabit Ethernet. This Thunderbird K8 Workstation is indeed quite a high performance platform and is positioned above P4 Superhawk.

Visit the Thunderbird K8 Workstation.