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2015-04 Algorithms, High Level FFT, 2D FFT Print
March 2015
Compucon CPD Program
1 April 2015 Wednesday
Compucon House Albany

4:00 - 5:00pm Algorithms for New Business (TN)
5:00 - 5:30pm High Level View of FFT (Stefan)
5:30 - 6:00pm 2D FFT (Phil Fogle)
6:00 - 7:30pm Wine and Cheese

Algorithms for New Business

An algorithm is a precise recipe that specifies the exact sequence of steps required to solve a problem.   It is the backbone of a software application that provides a specific function such as for accounting or scientific research.  Compucon has been doing computing hardware system integration for 23 years and is now looking at algorithm and software as an extension of business scope for the future. Which other PC brands are doing this?  Why do we want to do this?  Are we capable of doing this?  Would there be a market big enough for our group of peers?  What exactly do we need to do?  Which peers can be involved?  This session is to examine this can of worms at the earliest instant of opening it (before it is too late).  The recently completed parallel computing proof-of-concept project funded by the government provides a lot of supports to this exploration.  

High Level View of FFT

We did a session on Fast Fourier Transform back in January which was in fact our first attempt to go into algorithm and software. The content we presented was from a software construction perspective instead of functional appraisal and it was outside the scope of most peers.  This session is a remedy.  We will explain what FFT does, which types of applications it serves, what the alternatives are, and an intimate relationship with computing hardware.  If the January session is in the ‘too hard’ basket, this session is in the ‘just right’ basket for our peer group.


Phil has a quantum physics background and is practising professional photography these days.  He will spend the first 10 min to introduce the concepts of the Fourier analysis and hence the origin of the transform.  The main theme will be an illustration of use of FT in analysing Cosmic Microwave Background, and showing how we can learn about the origin of the universe and inflation.  Both parts are not technical (though I would like to show the equations briefly).  For peers, please treat this session as Outside the Square and expect to receive some stimulation of vision to extend our horizon.