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2015-05 Software on Business Agenda and More Print
April 2015
Compucon CPD Program
6 May 2015 Wednesday
Compucon House Albany

4:00 - 5:15pm Software on Business Agenda (TN)
5:15 - 6:00pm Hands-on Software Experience (Stefan)
6:00 - 7:30pm Wine and Cheese

After 23 years of operating solely in the system hardware platform sector of the PC industry, this seminar is the first dedicated to 'software as a business' and this indicates a new direction for the next 23 years.  Software here refers to high performance software or parallel computing software.  There are 2 main categories: per-node and inter-node.  This seminar is focussed on the per-node category as it is more relevant to our peer group than inter-node.   Since our project hardware is new, the software needed to implement parallel computing is also new and sadly quite broken at present.  We must have our own software capabilities to manage this new situation.  The chosen software stack is Linux/Ubuntu, C/C++, and OpenCL as the primary foundation stones and we will look out for more tools such as debuggers and profilers for software development environments over time.  We have not forgotten Windows and will continue to support Windows for the foreseeable future.  This seminar will talk about operating systems, computer languages, software development, and open source.  Peers are invited to jump onto this bandwagon and work together for our mutual future. 

Stefan is a key member of our software and engineering team.  He will share his experience of testing and developing software in Compucon over the last 6 months in the second session.  In particular, he will touch on his experience of working with 3 new technologies being OpenCL, System on Chip, and FPGA from a software perspective. It is highly likely that Compucon is the first team to work on these 3 technologies in New Zealand.  This session is commercially sensitive and the info will stay indoor for a while.