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2016-04 Converting R&D to Business Print
May 2016
Compucon CPD Seminars
2016-04-27 Wed
Compucon House

Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in assisting Compucon channel peers to remain current and develop new competencies in information technology practices.  Please register by replying to this invitation message ASAP.

4:00pm – 4:50pm    PC Industry and Market Movements
5:00pm – 6:00pm    Compucon converting R&D to Sales
6:00pm – 7:30pm    Wine and Cheese

PC Industry and Market Movements

Whilst we may think we can shift our business focus from hardware to services to manage the downturn of the PC industry, a world top smart and successful company (and business person of the same name) sold its service division for 2 billion US dollars lower than the acquisition price paid 7 years ago.  Either he perceived too much of the value of IT services 5 years ago or he is sure that IT services have diminishing value today.    In fact, many developments have happened over the last few years whilst the PC market was shrinking.  These developments include the emergence of Big Data, Internet of Things, Open Compute Platform, Software Defined Network, Intel buying a FPGA company for 16 billion dollars, and Microsoft turning 180 degrees to contribute to the open source communities.  All events were initiated by big boys who have enough financial muscles to steer the direction of the world.  Should we listen to these signals?  Where will the IT world be in 2 years?  Are there any opportunities for or threats against us?  This session will address all these issues and questions.  

Compucon converting R&D to Sales

Compucon has done over 2 full years of research and development on several new generation hardware platforms and open source developments.  The research direction turned 90 degrees (certainly not 180) when Intel announced the acquisition of Altera for its FPGA products and HP confirmed to spin-off HPC into a separate company.  They signalled the start of crossing the chasm to the HPC era and so Compucon must hurry up.  We have not abandoned those forward looking researches, and have simply given more emphasis to developments that will bring business and sales to our peers (and thus us) in the very immediate future.   Our research on the OpenCL open parallel computing tool standard has indicated that AMD has been the best performer so far ahead of Intel and Nvidia. We spent the last 9 months to verify this insight and visited AMD office in Taipei in January.  Things are really looking good.  Within this quarter, we will consolidate our findings into real business advantages.  This session will explain the insights.  As this session is commercially sensitive, we will give priority to current Compucon business peers for registration ahead of other peers.