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2016-09 Compucon Learning Machine, Professional Audio Video Print
August 2016
Compucon CPD Seminars
2016-09-28 Wed
Compucon House

Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in assisting Compucon channel peers to remain current and develop new competencies in information technology practices.  Please register by replying to this invitation message ASAP.

4:00pm – 5:00pm    Compucon Learning Machine (TN)
5:00pm – 6:00pm    Professional Audio Video (David Barnard)
6:00pm – 7:30pm    Wine and Cheese

Machine Learning is a topic as hot as Virtual Reality but the hotness was only felt at the top end of the industry and throughout the academic world and it was not so much felt by consumers other than the most vigilant ones.  The session will start by introducing Ernst's personal assistant and the big picture of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and artificial neural network.  There are plenty of real life applications of machine learning systems such as for autonomous driving and fruit grading.  We will look at the hardware and software development efforts that have been publicised.  There are in fact a lot of them thus prompting this talk.  We will disclose an intention to produce a Compucon PC that can learn and then perform after learning.  This session will be very open to discussions within the time limit.

The key technology concepts in the professional audio video industry are Codecs and Containers and they will be slightly discussed as the warm up to lead to the main theme which is about an open source software project called FFmpeg.  This project is one of the most popular resources for audio video developer communities in the world.  It consists of development libraries and a set of command line interface for using the libraries, content streaming, and playing back contents.  A major development library is for video filters.  This session will look at the types of video filters, the construction of filter graphs, and demonstration with some examples. This talk has special implications because Compucon attempts to work on video filters as part of the R&D program.  David Barnard is the general manager of GENCOM which is a leading system integrator of professional audio video systems.