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2017-02 Computing for SKA Print
November 2016
The New Zealand SKA design alliance team will hold a conference open to the public on 9 and 10 February 2017 at AUT in Auckland city. Apart from design team members speaking in this conference, many world class astronomers, scientists and engineers will come from overseas for this event.  The background of this event is the SKA project but the content is about everything including computing and astronomy.  The event is rightly named as Computing for SKA Colloquium 2017.  (Note: We did one in February 2016 as well and so this one is the 3rd edition of the event)

Compucon plans to speak about Computer Processor Design for SKA (see outline below).  That is, we will talk about computer processors AS IF we are the authority in front of many heavy weights from overseas.  We would like to invite you to join this event and to meet the important people there.  

The info and the registration link:
The programme of the Computing for SKA Colloquium:

Outline of Compucon presentation in this event (posted 2017-02-06):

The initial capital cost of SKA was budgeted for close to one billion Euros and the annual operating cost is expected to be over one hundred million Euros for 50 years.  Electricity alone would account for 8%.  SKA is a serious engineering installation with ambitious science objectives.   Whilst configuring the initial hardware and software of this instrument poses a major challenge (not yet resolved), the challenge becomes miniscule when wave after wave of system revamp over 50 years of operation is envisioned.   This talk attempts to capture the challenges with 7 reviews of the state of affairs and to offer some philosophical guidelines.