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2017-02 Compucon ISO 9001 Certification Re-validated Print
February 2017

A Telarc Quality Management System auditor visited Compucon on 2017-01-20 with the goal of obtaining evidence for re-validating the ISO 9001:2008 certificate that Compucon has been holding for many years. The audit confirmed that all aspects have been complied with and the certification is thus re-validated. The auditor took the opportunity of finding if Compucon was ready for ISO 9001:2015 which is intended to replace ISO 9001:2008 in September 2018. The answer is affirmative although Compucon shall produce an internal documentation to support the new certification standard. The following 4 paragraphs were copied verbatim out of 11 pages of the audit report for public reference.  

“A review of the system included sections of the various manuals: Section 1 Quality Manual; Section 2 Customer Services; Section 3 Purchasing; Section 4 Stock Control; Section 5 Production Manual (c/w check sheets); Section 6 Technical Support; Section 7 Company Information Systems; and Section 8 External Communications.”

“There was a good level of compliance across all aspects of the system against ISO 9001: 2008 so no adverse issues were raised. One Opportunity for possible Improvement (OI) was identified and is offered for consideration. The recommendation from this assessment is that your certification continues against ISO 9001: 2008.”

This is the Opportunity for Improvement advice: “The focus on procedures was traditionally taught as an audit technique. This was satisfactory in its day but now procedures were seen as tools for managing risk in the context of an overall process flow. The process or contiguous sections of an overarching process flow need to be audited to ensure that all risks and opportunities within the scope of the system have been identified and addressed and that any redundant “procedures” are identified and removed from use. [OI 1] A more process oriented audit approach may be more useful in driving improvement and confirming best practice is in place.”

“It was clear that all aspects of compliance to ISO 9001: 2015 had been addressed especially in regard to knowledge management. However without the company having confirmed compliance through its own investigations it was not appropriate to transition certification without that final step being completed and any loose ends tidied up.”