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2017-02 Turbo charging Thunderbird as ORS1 Print
March 2017
Update on 2017-05-01: Thunderbird based on A10-7860k was as many as 288 times faster than i3-6100 in executing a data mining application called k-means which grouped 20000 items into 4 clusters.  Both processors were tested with parallel computing techniques.  For i3-6100, the test was done on its CPU with 4 threads.  For A10-7860k, the test was done on its GPU with 8 compute units.

The Compucon Thunderbird is a mainstream system with general performance on par with the Compucon Diamond Plus or Superhawk. Although it has always had superior graphics capability in general it has never been considered as a High Performance Computer from any perspective.

The appeal of the Thunderbiard lies in its CPU - it is in fact not a standard CPU. It is called an APU and consists of both a CPU and a GPU, both of which can be used for general purpose computing as well as graphics display. This potential has occasionally been promoted by AMD but is generally not known to the wider user community.

Compucon is now attempting to release the potential of the APU with this ORS1.

The APU is capable of working with another GPU, and we recommend a GPU for turbo charging the system's potential to new heights (exceeding most mainstream machines). To demonstrate we will run several applications in two modes- standard and a turbo charged mode to show the difference.

This Compucon ORS1 is a prototype for exposing the tip of the iceberg only. The main incentive is to stimulate more ideas together with our partners, with the intention to develop ideas into more practical uses.

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