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Tesla P40 Print
April 2018


In the new era of AI and intelligent machines, deep learning is shaping our world like no other computing model in history. GPUs powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture provide the computational engine for the new era of artificial intelligence, enabling amazing user experiences by accelerating deep learning applications at scale.

The NVIDIA Tesla P40 is purpose-built to deliver maximum throughput for deep learning deployment. With 47 TOPS (Tera-Operations Per Second) of inference performance and INT8 operations per GPU, a single server with 8 Tesla P40s delivers the performance of over 140 CPU servers.

As models increase in accuracy and complexity, CPUs are no longer capable of delivering interactive user experience. The Tesla P40 delivers over 30X lower latency than a CPU for real-time responsiveness in even the most complex models.

TESLA P40 Accelerator Features and Benefits

The Tesla P40 is powered by the new Pascal architecture and delivers over 47 TOPS of deep learning inference performance. A single server with 8 Tesla P40s can replace up to 140 CPU-only servers for deep learning workloads, resulting in substantially higher throughput with lower acquisition cost.
SIMPLIFIED OPERATIONS WITH A SINGLE TRAINING AND INFERENCE PLATFORM Today, deep learning models are trained on GPU servers but deployed in CPU servers for inference. The Tesla P40 offers a drastically simplified workflow, so organizations can use the same servers to iterate and deploy.
REAL-TIME INFERENCE The Tesla P40 delivers up to 30X faster inference performance with INT8 operations for real-time responsiveness for even the most complex deep learning models.
FASTER DEPLOYMENT WITH NVIDIA DEEP LEARNING SDK TensorRT included with NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK and Deep Stream SDK help customers seamlessly leverage inference capabilities like the new INT8 operations and video trans-coding.


Specification Description
GPU Architecture
NVIDIA Pascal™ 
Cuda Cores
Single-Precision Performance
12 TeraFLOPS
Integer Operations (INT8) 47 TOPS (Tera- Operations per Second)
GPU Memory
Memory bus width
Memory bandwidth
346 GB/s
Memory clock
Performance:3615 MHz
Idle: 405 MHz
System Interface
Full Height/Length PCI Express Gen3
Max Power
Form Factor
111.15 mm, (4.38 inches) (H) × 266.70 mm, (10.5 inches) (L)